Schnitzel Dinner Plate 

We specialize in catering, but we're not just pretzels anymore! We are now introducing our delicious authentic Chicken Schnitzel Plate. This is the perfect addition to an Oktoberfest feast where comforting "gasthaus" style German fare is desired in addition to pretzels. 

Ordering Information

For pretzels, just email us the amount /flavors you would like preferably broken down into groups of 8  (8, 16..24..32, 40, 48, 56 and so on) for each flavor. If you are not already familiar with our pretzel varieties and descriptions just click on "Pretzels". 

For our German food plate, just figure out the number of guests and equate 1 plate per guest: (1 cutlet, 1 side of Spatzle, 1 side of Rotkohl, 1 side of beer sauce). We will then price the order accordingly by the number of plates per person; each food component that makes up the plate will be delivered in it's own clearly labeled foil container with foil cover. Sauce portions are delivered in labeled soup containers with vented lids. Forks, knives and knapkins can be provided by request. Note that if you plan on having more than 20 guests, we recommend that you have a chafing dish or a fondue pot with a heat source to transfer the containers of sauce into so it stays warm.

Kindly give us at least 10 days notice so that we can check our schedule to make sure that we have no other events planned at that time.  Please include the date/time of your event, your name/organization, cell phone number and address. We will then email you back with an itemized invoice and the total amount for your order. Allow $15 for delivery. Pretzels are delivered in our custom Pretzel Village boxes unless otherwise noted. German food plate items delivered in durable foil containers with foil lids or soup containers with vented lids. All orders are taken through email only.   Preferred payment for invoice is check.

Prices (Pretzels):
Salt $5.00, Kase Bretzel $6.00, Everything $6.00 Market Square Maple $6.00, Strawberry Vanilla iced $6.00 Gingerbread $6.00
48 pretzels minimum order

Prices (Chicken Schnitzel Dinner Plate including):
1 breaded chicken cutlet *vegetarian cutlet also available
1 side of Spaetzle
1 side of Rotkohl
1 side of sauce
lemon slice

prices per plate........$13 each
20 plates minimum order

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