We specialize in catering so we can deliver pretzels to your event on presentation ready platters, in Pretzel Village carboard boxes, or, you can request that we be present for the event handing out pretzels to your guests, utilizing our full set up with racks, tables  and displays (the same we use at our farmer's markets!).

To have us cater your event, just send us an email of the amount/flavors of pretzels you would like-preferably broken down into groups of 8, 16...32, 48, 64, 80 and so on for each flavor. If you are not already familiar with our pretzel varieties just go to "Pretzels" and have a look at our offerings!

Kindly email us at least 10 days prior to your event so that we have time to accomodate you and schedule you in. Please include the date and time of your event, your name/organization, cell phone number and delivery address. We will then email you back with an itemized invoice, and the total amount for your order. Please allow $15 for delivery.   Preferred payment for invoice is check. Please note: 50 pretzels minimum order.

Schedule your event now!