Bavarian Style Soft Pretzels & German Cuisine

South Royalton, Vermont

Willkommen! Pretzel village is a small, family run pretzel bakery and catering business nestled above 1,000 feet of scenic alpine wilderness in the Green Mountains, Vermont. Here, we hand create and bake artisan quality soft pretzels in the German tradition but with an American flair for the novel and creative. In addition to the salt pretzel, we offer an ever expanding line up of pretzels that range from salty, to savory to sweet. A generous portion of dough goes into each and every pretzel we make, that is why the tend to have plumpier bellies than other soft pretzels.  175-178 grams of dough go into every pretzel. In additon to our pretzels, we will soon be offering German  "gasthaus" food (see picture below) at our farmer's markets and for catering.

We always start by making our dough fresh from scratch and in small batches. We begin with pure mountain well water, slow acting dry yeast, sea salt and organic barley malt syrup. Once the yeast mash has bloomed, we add beer, butter and a hand selected higher gluten flour for the right texture. Our dough undergoes three separate rising stages; the final two being in a cold proofing environment ensuring that the dough rises at a slower pace for maximum flavor. We hand cut the dough and roll it into ropes  for spinning and forming into the classic pretzel shape. It is a laborious manual process and no two pretzels are alike; each one is visually different, reflecting a bit of the personality-not to mention dexerity-of the one rolling, twisting and shaping it!
We currently sell our soft pretzels at local farmer's markets and festivals throughout Vermont and New Hampshire. Being located high in the green mountains, you could say that we are excited to bake pretzels! In these surroundings, it is hard not to imagine the Black Forest stretching out into the distance, its mountains rising and falling amidst the high alpine meadows of Baden-Wurttemburg (Swabia) or The Bavarian forest, Bavaria.
Pretzel Village pretzels speak authenticity and quality, from the way they are scored, to their beautiful mahogany color and of course, their taste. They are made with only the finest ingredients, from the  flour to the butter, to the cheese that goes onto our delicious Kasebrezel. We bake all of our pretzels just before arriving at market and they are sold at room temperature- just like in Germany.
Our pretzels are hand made in the classic, old world tradtion of German and Austrian Laugen Bread Baking. If you have ever had the privellage of travelling throughout Bavaria or Austria and seen and tasted the pretzels displayed at the Christmas markets, street merchant stalls and biergartens, you will know why our pretzels are so special. 
Our pretzels are made in the classic old world tradition of southern German and Austrian Laugenbread baking. If you have ever had the privilege of travelling throughout Bavaria or Austria and seen and tasted the pretzels displayed at the Christmas markets, street merchant stalls and biergartens, you will understand what makes our pretzels so special.
Where to find us ~Summer Season (2019)  

​​Hanover Market On The Green     3pm-6pm Select Wednesdays |Sept thru October 12|
The Dartmouth Green
1 East Hanover, Hanover N.H

Lebanon Summer Farmer's Market     4pm-7pm  Every Thursday  |May 19 thru September 29|
Market On The Green
51 North Park Street, Lebanon N.H

​​Festivals ~Fall & Winter (2019)
Apples & Crafts Fair  10am-5pm-Sat. & 10am-4pm Sun.    Columbus Day Weekend |Oct 8,9|
Bailey's Meadows
Rt. 4 East, Woodstock, Vermont  

Woodstock Wassail Weekend  10am-5pm Sat. & 10am-4pm Sun. |Dec 10,11| 
Woodstock Village
Rt. 4,Woodstock, Vermont



Our new Chicken Schnitzel Dinner plate served with homemade Spaetzle (little egg dumplings) and Rotkhol (German red "sweet and sour" cabbage, made with red wine, apple, currant preserves, cider vinegar, cinnamon stick and clove.) Served with a slice of lemon and our savory roasted onion beer sauce!
                                                                              However  you arrive, we'd love to see you!